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Licensed Electrician


Temps plein • Kapuskasing Région

ROLE: How you contribute to Rayonieram / RYAM

Work within a team to perform maintenance on electrical and/or instrumentation and control systems. Install, repair, modify, and

troubleshoot industrial equipment used for electrical/electronic distribution and control (power and domestic). You need to be

safety-conscious, energetic, and able to understand your role in our team.



REQUIREMENTS: What you bring to our workplace


* Education: Graduate of an Electrical Engineering Technology Program or equivalent

* Certification: Valid Journeyman Electrician License or equivalent

* Experience: 3-5 years is an asset

* Language: Bilingualism is an asset


CONDITIONS: Compensation and hours


* Wages: as per CA starting $31.08

* Hours: 40 per week.

* Shift work: May be required


COMMITMENTS: What it means to work at Rayonieram / RYAM


* Live up to our values, principles and guidelines.

* Bring an open and cooperative attitude to your job, contributing to our positive work environment.

* Comply with all health, safety and environmental standards, applicable regulations and laws, as well as our collective



SETTING & LIFESTYLE: What to expect at the site and in the region

* Rayonieram / RYAM Kapuskasing operations include the newsprint mill with some 350 employees, a sawmill with 125

employees, and a forest management operation with 100 employees.

* Planned as a model town, Kapuskasing is a bilingual community with a population of close to 10,000 that serves a

number of smaller nearby communities.

* Housing costs in Kapuskasing are about a third of the Ontario average, and the area boasts good schools and health


* The area appeals to outdoor enthusiasts and offers many recreational activities – especially boating, fishing and hunting



1 Government Rd E, Kapuskasing, ON P5N 2X6, Canada

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Licensed Electrician

Temps plein – Kapuskasing

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